About the Owner
 Fish Eye Grill

The man with the Fish Eye
Ryan Mobley has always loved to cook, especially for other people. It's always been a dream of his to have his own restaurant, and with the support and backing of his family, friends, and community, that dream became a reality. All of those "you should open a restaurant!" comments finally came to fruition. His family is a big part of the restaurant family too, with his wife, Bailey, constantly helping out, and daughters Ellee and Marlee offering support and encouragement. 

Ryan's love for food developed early under the influence of his Mama (Ramona Mobley), Uncle Roy, and a gentleman named Bubba Jones. 

Miss Ramona started sharing her passion for southern cuisine with Ryan at an early age. She always took the time to show him every little detail and the passion required to produce that perfect dish. Not only did she help develop the passion he has now, but also taught Ryan the importance of putting that little bit of love in to everything she makes. His culinary foundation was built in their home kitchen, standing beside his mom. Mama, to the day, is right by Ryan's side. Sometimes it's sharing recipes in the kitchen, sometimes it's chatting with the guests, but she consistently treats every person that walks in the door like a friend visiting her own home. 

Uncle Roy has shared many great recipes with Ryan. But by far the most influential has been his formula for the perfect Hash (or Brunswick Stew, depending on where you reside). It is served with pride almost every day at Fish Eye, and Uncle Roy can still be seen every week stirring a 60 gallon steam kettle loaded to the top with those now famous ingredients. Ask Ryan about the recipe and he will make certain to tell you "That's Uncle Roy's Hash". Hash aside, Uncle Roy devoted a lot of time and energy in to teaching Ryan all the tips and tricks he needed to be where he is now.. 

Bubba Jones also spent a lot of time with Ryan as a kid, taking him hunting and fishing, and teaching him the ins and outs of the Southern cuisine proudly featured today. He was a tremendous influence on Ryan not just as a cook, but as a person. He is certainly smiling down with pride today seeing how far Ryan has come. 
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